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Appointment settings include:
1.  Private, individual setting at 512 Columbia St., Cohoes, NY 12047
         (Mondays through Fridays most weeks)
2. Appointment with simultaneous use of computer screen sharing & phone.          (Day & time of your choice including nights and weekends)
         Note:  If the time you select isn't available, a similar alternate will be offered.

Please indicate on the form in the COMMENTS section, below:
1.  Which insurance topic do you wish to discuss? 
        Topics include: =Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage Coverage
                                 =Final Expense Life Insurance
                                 =Juvenile Life
                                 =Cancer overage
                                 =Prescription Drug Coverage (Medicare Part D)
                                 =Dental Coverage
                                 =TRULY FREE Accident Coverage
                                 =Another topic not mentioned above.
2.  Which setting of appointment you prefer?
                                =Private appointment (Monday through Friday)?
                                =Phone/Computer appointment including nights & weekends